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"He not busy being born is busy dying" - Bob Dylan

Nothing beats the beauty of nature, of being a part of it. Yet why the urge to de-construct it, this urge to create?

What is the inner vision that demands to be let free to see a world that is different from what is seen with one's eyes? Time seems to stand still in this moment and the mysteries within seek to find form on the canvas.

I have always enjoyed the spontaneity of process, the puzzle and risk of creating, the adventure of encountering the unknown.

Sometimes I am pulled in different stylistic directions, captivated by the awe of facial expression and human emotion or the pure beauty of refracted light, the sensuousness of colors, of structure found in rhythm, in the architecture of buildings or everyday objects.

I am driven to juxtapose these images, to find a point of tension, to keep the eye engaged in the process of looking, and of being surprised or content or confused.

My work, therefore, includes the realistic to the abstract and is not limited to being anything less than what needs to be expressed.

My earliest influences were artists Klee, Rauchenberg, Ernst, Chagall, O'Keefe, Nevelson, Hockney and Rousseau. Then there were the jazz musicians Parker, Holiday, Evans and Jarrett and Methany, the City Lights poets, the Spanish poets, musicians Dylan, Anderson and Van Morrison, dancer Twyla Tharp, Jung, film directors Wenders and Kar-Wai.

In observing and attending to other arts, I find I am integrating them into my own work, so that what is created and expressed gives me a feeling of being whole.